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The AHA! Handbook Is Here! (Nervous first-time author waits for her books to arrive)

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was blogging about Nora Ephron’s AHA!? It seems like it. In reality it was a week ago. Where did the days go?! Not that I’m complaining. I’d much rather be busy than bored.

This has been a momentous week for The AHA! Handbook. An email arrived on Monday notifying me that the first shipment of books was on its way and due to arrive the next day. I was very excited at the news.

Tuesday arrived. I needed to be at the airport for a 1:30 p.m. flight. As I packed, I listened for the doorbell hoping that the books would be delivered before I needed to leave. Noon came, but no books.

That evening I called my husband, David, from my hotel room. I couldn’t wait to hear news of boxes. He hadn’t seen them and was heading off to play tennis. He would look for them later. Sigh. I’d have to wait.

As I waited I had an idea. I could check the UPS tracking number! I logged in to my computer and clicked through to the UPS site. According to the delivery record, the boxes were still out for delivery. Still out for delivery? It was now after 8:00. My hopes sank.

I logged in for a e-chat with a UPS customer service rep. The IM window popped up and then I saw it. “Left at side door.” Why had the status changed? Isn’t it too late for a delivery? Side door? We don’t have a side door. Surely the boxes weren’t left on the side of the house. Were they delivered to the wrong address? David wouldn’t be home for at least another hour. I was going to have to be patient.

The phone rang at 9:15. It was David. The boxes were stacked outside the garage. He wondered how he could have missed them earlier. I told him that he hadn’t missed them because they weren’t there before.

At that point it was time for me to practice patience for another 48 hours. If my Thursday evening flight home was on time, I figured I’d get to see the boxes a little before midnight.