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AHA! The Spiritual Practice of Insight

"aha" moments can help you along your spiritual path, say self-help book author Donna Hartney, Ph.D.I found as I analyzed the stories of life-changing insights for my book , The AHA! Handbook, that pivotal realizations have the power to impact any and all areas of a person’s life—career, health and well-being, relationships, spiritual life.

That last category, spiritual life, has been on my mind recently. Buddy Hubbard (the pastor of my church) and I are beginning a 5-week discussion series tomorrow on insight as a spiritual practice.

I was surprised when Buddy suggested the discussion series. When I asked him why, he said, “When I think of tapping into God’s wisdom for us, I immediately think of contemplative prayer. Yet, there are so many additional ways available to us, and insight is one that can be so valuable in our lives.”

In the discussion series we will be homing in on three questions:

  1. How can the experience of insight help you along your spiritual path?
  2. What do we know about insights and how to trigger them?
  3. What can you do proactively to prime yourself for insights that can have a profound impact on your spiritual life?

If you’re in this part of the world, you’re more than welcome to join us! Sunday, April 7 – May 12, 9:30 until 10:30 a.m. in the lounge of the First Presbyterian Church at 9 Paine Street, East Aurora, New York.