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A Complimentary Summertime Checklist – Prime yourself for a pivotal “aha” moment to make this the best summer ever!

A Summertime Checklist -- A pivotal "aha" moment could make this your best summer ever

 Summer is here. Hooray! Click on the filename to download the quiz: A Summertime Checklist

AHA! Q&A on Experience Pros Radio Show

Donna Hartney author of "aha" moment self-help book is interviewed on the radioA few weeks back I had a great time talking with Angel and Eric on the Experience Pros radio show. Here’s the link if you’d like to listen…

Fast forward to 9:35 to hear Jerry Brown share his story telling tips.

Keep going to 21:20 to hear my answers to these questions:

And if you want to listen through to the end, at 34:40 Jim Blue talks about what baby boomers need to know about the great digital divide.

Happy listening!

Does It Sometimes Seem that You Have Bad Karma When It Comes to Love? Test Your Relationship Readiness with This Quick Quiz.

A Valentine's Day quiz by Donna Hartney, Ph.D., author of "aha" moment self-help book

Click on the filename to download the quiz: Relationship Readiness Quiz

Happy Valentines’ Day!

Do You Want to Get Fit? Test Your Readiness with This Quick Quiz.

Author of "aha" moment self-help book creates quiz to test readiness to get fit and stay fit

Would you like to get fit and stay fit? You’re not alone. Researchers have found that getting in shape is among the top three resolutions.

Test your readiness to achieve your fitness goals with this quick quiz. Click on the filename to download the quiz: Fitness Quiz.pdf

Test Your Readiness to Stop Smoking with this New Quiz

Test Your Readiness to Stop Smoking with a Complimentary Quiz from Donna Hartney, Author of “Aha” Moment Self-Help Book

 Are you a smoker who would like to quit? You’re not alone. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis found that while 70% of smokers want to quit and more than half of them attempt to stop smoking each year, only six percent are successful.

Test your readiness to kick the habit with this quick quiz. Click on the filename to download the quiz: Stop Smoking Quiz.pdf

New Quiz Helps Us Keep New Year’s Resolutions

This free, downloadable quiz tests a person's readiness to keep New Year's resolutions.

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here. You’ve made your resolutions. It’s time to test your readiness to keep them with this quick quiz. Click on the filename to download the quiz: Resolution-readiness quiz.pdf


AHA!s: What makes them so special

Last week several of my friends and I were sitting around chatting at a holiday party. One friend said excitedly that she had just finished reading my book and had loved it. Then she said, “Once a person has an aha, they have to make a decision to do something about it in order for it to have an impact on their lives. It takes a lot of work.”

Hmmm, I thought. The kind of aha that she’s talking about really isn’t an AHA! at all. It’s just a plain vanilla insight. I strung together a few off-the-cuff sentences as I tried to explain the difference. I could tell from the look on her face that what I said didn’t register. At that point I changed the subject. It was a party afterall, not a university lecture.

I’ve been thinking my friend’s comment all week. How could I explain to her, and others, the awesome power of an AHA! to transform a person’s life in a flash of clarity? Let me try… (more…)

Nora Ephron’s Inspiring AHA!

Silkwood. When Harry Met Sally. Sleepless in Seattle. Julia & Julia. What comes to mind for you when you think of Nora Ephron? When I think about Nora, I remember a day almost three years ago when I read her AHA! story in O, The Oprah Magazine.

“This Aha! moment is probably going to seem like no big deal,” Nora wrote in the opening line. I read that and was hooked. And, by the time I reached to the end of the article I had decided to take on a project that would consume my life (in a very good way) for the next three years.