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Free Quiz Helps Us Keep New Year’s Resolutions


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Buffalo, NY – January 3, 2013 – Because New Year’s resolutions are so hard to keep – one study found that more than three quarters of them are abandoned before they are achieved – performance consultant Donna Hartney, Ph.D., has created a free, downloadable resolution-readiness quiz. The three-question quiz and companion assessment help pinpoint resolution trouble spots and offer tips for navigating around them.

“It’s a challenge to follow through on New Year’s resolutions, but there are things you can do to greatly increase your chances of success,” says Hartney, author of The AHA! Handbook: How to spark the insights that will transform your life and career.

This free, downloadable quiz tests a person's readiness to keep New Year's resolutions.The quiz, available at, focuses on three frequent trouble spots:

  1. Selecting the right resolution at the right time. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all resolution.  A resolution that is a keeper links closely to life goals and situational realities.
  2. Taking care of the basics. Resolutions require focus and effort. Considerable planning and follow through are cornerstones for success.
  3. Recognizing when a change of perspective is required. The most difficult of resolutions usually require a new way of seeing things. An “Aha!” can make all the difference between success and failure.

“I, like many others, would make a New Year’s resolution with full intent to ‘start’ doing this or ‘quit’ doing that…only to find myself frustrated and defeated when I didn’t follow through,” wrote Sue Nientimp in a blog post on the Erie County, Pennsylvania, Department of Health website. Then Nientimp experienced an “Aha!” that made all the difference for her when it came to exercise. “For me, I felt an overwhelming sense of readiness and determination to make a change and follow through. I think I had an Aha-moment, or my own personal wake-up call. I finally made the decision to start exercising and to not quit.”

The AHA! Handbook: How to spark the insights that will transform your life and career,offers strategies for sparking those pivotal realizations known as “aha” moments that can help people create and keep meaningful resolutions. Learn more at


MEDIA CONTACT: Donna Hartney, 716.655.5094,