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The AHA! Handbook – Book Launch Celebration South

Last weekend my husband (David) and I traveled to my hometown of Forest City, North Carolina, for a book launch celebration for The AHA! Handbook. We had a lot of fun catching up with family and old friends, and making new friends.

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip.


We enjoyed great conversation, stories of AHA!s, and tasty snacks at the book reading.

I enjoyed catching up with everyone at the book launch celebration and signing. Thanks for stopping by!

Launch Celebration for The AHA! Handbook

Thanks to all of you who joined me Friday evening to celebrate the launch of The AHA! Handbook! I appreciate you braving the winter weather. Here are a couple of pictures from the evening at The Bookworm in East Aurora, New York.




The AHA! Handbook Hits Bookstore Shelves

My hope for The AHA! Handbook is that it will have a positive impact on the lives of people who read it. I hope that they will see that it is possible to actively prime onseself for momentous, life-changing insights. I hope that they will test out the twenty-one epiphany encouraging actions described in the book. I hope that they will experience in their lives the transforming power of AHA!s.

It’s fun to see the book on the shelves of stores and to imagine the lives it will impact!

(P.S. Don’t forget the book launch celebration at the Bookworm this evening. I hope you’ll stop by if you’re in the area!)

Click the more link to see some pix of the book on display at local stores. (more…)

Book Launch Celebration for The AHA! Handbook

One step at a time. That has been my focus as I wrote The AHA! Handbook and then concentrated on getting it published. A few months ago a tennis buddy asked whether I was going to throw a launch party for the book. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about it.

Then a few weeks ago Jen at the Bookworm, the bookstore in town, suggested that I host a book launch celebration there. “Let’s do it!” I said. The date is Friday evening November 30th from 6:00 – 8:30. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by!


The AHA! Handbook Is Here! (Nervous first-time author waits for her books to arrive)

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was blogging about Nora Ephron’s AHA!? It seems like it. In reality it was a week ago. Where did the days go?! Not that I’m complaining. I’d much rather be busy than bored.

This has been a momentous week for The AHA! Handbook. An email arrived on Monday notifying me that the first shipment of books was on its way and due to arrive the next day. I was very excited at the news.

Tuesday arrived. I needed to be at the airport for a 1:30 p.m. flight. As I packed, I listened for the doorbell hoping that the books would be delivered before I needed to leave. Noon came, but no books.