AHA! Tutorial

Strategy and Planning

From the foreword of The AHA! Handbook: How to spark the insights that will transform your life and career – 

During a recent speech I asked the audience three questions.


 “Have you ever had an insight—a flash of clarity that answered a question, solved a problem, or ignite a creative idea?” Everyone in the room raised a hand.


Then I asked, “Have you ever had an insight that made you a different person, a better person, or a more successful person, because it transformed your career, your health, your relationships, your spiritual life, or your commitment to making a difference in the world?” Most of  the people in the audience lifted their hands again.


Finally I asked, “Do you know what you can do the steps you can take, to create the kind of insights that will transform your life?” One person held up a hand.

Transform your world. Learn how to spark your own pivotal insights.