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Andrew Zimmern shares his life-changing AHA! in Guideposts magazine

Photo by Revati Upadhya

I just love stories life-changing AHA!s. Don’t you? I just read in this month’s issue of Guideposts magazine the powerful story of how an epiphany put Andrew Zimmern’s life back on track after he had struggled for years with a drug addiction.

If you watch the Travel Channel, you’ve probably seen Andrew’s show, Bizarre Foods. He travels the world to introduce his audience to the foods that people in other cultures eat—things they consider delicacies, things we couldn’t imagine eating.

Andrew knew as a boy that that he wanted a career in the food industry. While in high school, he began working in a restaurant, and from there he steadily worked his way up to become an executive chef and then a food service consultant. Along the way Andrew also became addicted to drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication. Eventually he lost everything—his work, his apartment, his friends and family. (more…)

You can prime yourself for life-changing AHA!s. It’s easy!

I’m very excited to be blogging about life-changing AHA!s. You know the kind of insights that I’m talking about—those sudden flashes of clarity that forever and profoundly change your life. I’ve experienced them. Have you? More importantly, would you like to know what you can do—the steps you can take—to prime yourself for them? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

The blog posts that you will be reading here will focus on three messages: AHA!s transform lives. You can prime yourself for life-changing AHA!s. And, it’s easy!

AHA!s transform lives.

We won’t be focused in this blog on the kind of insights that cure diseases or create technological breakthroughs. These kinds of ahas make the world a more understandable place, a healthier place, a safer place. While they rock our world and are absolutely crucial to our collective health and well-being, they’re not the subject here.

Instead, we will focus on the kind of insights that rock your world, that turn it upside down—the kind that have the power to transform your health, your relationships, your career, your spiritual life, and your commitment to making a difference in the world.

You can prime yourself for life-changing AHA!s.

Impossible? Don’t be so sure. I hope that you will give me an opportunity to share with you what I’ve learned over the last decade about what each of us can do to set the stage for momentous realizations in our lives.

And, it’s easy!

Honestly, it’s easy. I started by trying to spark pivotal epiphanies in my own life and was amazed at how quick and effortless it was. What I found was that it simply takes a shift in perspective—a shift that I’ve easily been able to teach others how to make for themselves.

So there you have it…Insights transform lives. You can prime yourself for life-changing AHA!s. And, it’s easy!

I hope that you stay tuned for more on this very exciting news!